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Monday, July 31, 2017

VCSA 6.5 Fails to start. File System and then Network Service errors.

Image result for repostThis is basically a repost of Paolo Valsecchi’s excellent blog post (http://nolabnoparty.com/en/vcsa-6-5-fails-to-start-file-system-check-and-network-service-errors/).  I ran into this issue today with a client and then commands are so obscure (to me) and only yielded a single useful hit on Google that I wanted to make sure I captured it and added it to my private repository of information.


In our case, the client had a storage failure and it resulted in the vCenter Appliance not booting up correctly.   The appliance displays the error “Failed to start File System Check”.  A quick Google search on this term will lead you a VMware KB article (https://kb.vmware.com/kb/2149838) that will only get you HALF the way home.   After following the steps outlined in the KB article, we were faced with a network error next.  I couldn’t find a way to solve this until stumbling onto Paolo’s article.  This gave me the last piece of information needed to resolve the issue. 

# fsck –y /dev/sda3

By adding the –y  to the mix, you can avoid typing in yes 10 – 15 times. Smile 

After this ,the vCenter Appliance will be back to normal.  You can then commit your snapshot.

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