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Friday, February 20, 2015

PSA: SuperFish Malware Threat

Just a quick note with some good information on the newest Malware threat to be in the news.

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Some background information on the whole story (if you haven’t heard of it) can be found here, there and also over here.

Aaron Silber sent over some useful links to test if you have been infected and some instructions on removing it if you have been compromised.  Be sure to test all installed browsers on your machine.

Microsoft updated Windows Defender to catch the malware and remove it.

You can also go to this website to see if you have been infected:  https://filippo.io/Badfish/

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lock-Blocked by vSphere Lockdown mode.

I was doing some routine upgrades this past night when I ran into a strange issue that I figured I would make a note of.  While using VMware’s Update Manager to upgrade an ESXi host from 5.1 to 5.5, I ended up getting a pretty cryptic error message from Update Manager letting me know I couldn’t proceed.

The details complained about not having enough memory to create a scratch space partition to store the upgrade image.  Weird.  My host had plenty of free space on the drive and tons of memory – All the VMs were evacuated and I had all the host memory to myself.


Fast forward after a bit of Googling and I ran across this blog post.  The alert message was exact but the resolution wasn’t correct for my situation.  Luckily someone had posted another resolution in the comments. (Side Note: Even if you don’t have the time or desire to run a blog, just adding comments to existing blog posts is a great way to contribute back to the virtualization community.)

The hosts I was working on were in a DMZ and had Lockdown Mode enabled.  The commenter had mentioned disabling Lockdown mode as the answer.  Worth trying!


I made the quick modification in vCenter to the DMZ host, reran the Update Scan and successfully upgraded the host to 5.5.  Just had to remember to re-enable lockdown mode after the reboot.  Lockdown mode only affected the actual upgrade and not the patches.  Patching a lockdown host presented no issues at all.

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