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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Have you seen this behavior before?

At two different clients now I’ve come across the following strange IE behavior on Windows 7 (I think IE9, but I don’t know that it’s limited to that version):

You know when you access an https: URL and, because of some certificate issue, get the warning page?  Well, in both environments, the warning page did *not* offer the usual “Continue to this website (not recommended)” option – it was the end of the line, no way to go forward.  I played with all the security options imaginable, made the site Trusted, made it part of the Intranet zone, no go! … until I accidentally discovered that this *only* happens when Internet Explorer was originally launched from a Taskbar pinned item.  If IE is launched from the Start menu, from Run, from a CMD prompt, etc., the warning page does let you continue on to the site.

I can’t recall if this only happens with a redirected AppData (in which case the pinned shortcut is actually in the home directory), but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case – any pinned IE ought to display this behavior.


Jacques Bensimon 

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