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Monday, December 23, 2013

Ever hear of 1e100.net?

Neat post from Aaron Silber.
While doing some research at a client, I noticed that IE from time to time goes out to a weird website. It was 1e100.net, so of course I googled it and found this:
What is 1e100.net?
1e100.net is a Google-owned domain name used to identify the servers in our network.
Following standard industry practice, we make sure each IP address has a corresponding hostname. In October 2009, we started using a single domain name to identify our servers across all Google products, rather than use different product domains such as YouTube.com, blogger.com, and Google.com. We did this for two reasons: first, to keep things simpler, and second, to proactively improve security by protecting against potential threats such as cross-site scripting attacks.
Most typical Internet users will never see 1e100.net, but we picked a Googley name for it just in case (1e100 is scientific notation for 1 googol).
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