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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Email enabled ShareFile Folders

SNAGHTML11caa92Sam Jacobs sent over this great tip for anyone using ShareFile.

A client asked if ShareFile supported email-enabled folders.

They frequently exchange large documents with their clients, and wanted to know whether they could associate an email address to a ShareFile folder (e.g. clientNameDocs@ipmit.shareFile.com), and have any attachments sent to that email address get automatically uploaded to the associated folder.

Jay Tomlin (@jtmln) is now the PM of ShareFile, and informed me that ShareFile DOES, in fact, support email-enabled folders.

Full details are in this KB article but in a nutshell:

You do this by using the "Request a file" option in the folder details:


That  process will generate an upload URL which will look like this: 

Take the tail end of that URL and use it as an email address with @mail.sharefile.com, e.g.: rebe49f54d59a@mail.sharefile.com

You might want to set up an alias that uses the client’s name, so that the email address is not so cryptic.

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