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Thursday, April 25, 2013

EMC’s HAVT utility tip


If you’ve launched the High Availability Verification Tool before from Unisphere, you might have seen a similar “does not support high availability” message.  If everything checked out fine and you are now searching frantically on the interwebs for an answer, don’t worry, you are probably just running an iSCSI configuration with your vSphere environment.

This server [ESX HOST] has only one HBA (host bus adapter) and does not support high availability.

You can safely ignore this error.  The issue involves the way the HAVT tests for high availability on a host.  The tool is a hold over from a Fiber Channel only world where 2 HBAs were the minimum requirement for high availability status.  With iSCSI, even when you have two NIC cards in your ESX hosts, the IQN name is the same for both NICs and the array thinks you have only one adapter and therefore unable to support high availability.  

You DO want to check to verify that you are seeing multiple PATHs to the array though from the ESX hosts.  For that, look at the properties of the iSCSI software adapter in Storage Adapters on each ESX hosts' configuration tab to validate that you are able to see the appropriate redundant paths per ESX server [usually 8].

BTW: I really had no reason to include the racks of EMC VNXs at the top of this blog post but come on … Check out those blue lights! How could I not?

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tweaking your Windows 7/XP Desktops on VDI

My buddy John Simon has put together some common tweaks he uses for for his company’s Virtual Desktops.  These are easy tweaks that can be used in VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop desktops but are sometimes forgot.  Pop them into your VM template and reap the performance benefits.  Some can also be used on your local machine for some enhanced performance.

Disable hibernation by running the command powercfg /hibernate off from the command line (WIN7/XP):image

Set the windows page file to a static number. By default windows will grow and shrink the page file which will cause an I/O overhead. This value should be 1.5 x the amount of system RAM with a limit of 4096 for a 32bit operating system (WIN7/XP):


Disable indexing by going to properties of the C drive and un-checking the box to allow indexing service to index this disk for fast file searching (WIN7/XP):


Disable the boot graphic, this graphic is not needed for a virtual machine and just consumes resources. To do this click on start and then run and run msconfig. From the pop up window, click on the boot tab and then check the box for NO GUI BOOT (WIN7/XP):


Uninstall Tablet PC Components by going to control panel – programs and features and select turn windows features on or off then remove the checkbox by Tablet PC components (WIN7):


Finally you should disable logging on the VM from the VM settings menu. This can be done by going to the options tab of the virtual machine properties (WIN7/XP):


Have any favorites that aren’t GPO’s? (Sample GPO to come in a later post).  Post in the comments.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Google’s Follow your World (or House)


Google seems to have tons of products that they just turn loose on the public to see which ones take hold.  They don’t always publicize them so you are sometimes on your own to find them.  Yesterday, I stumbled across this neat one that will notify you via email when the Satellite imagery of a point of interest you define gets updated.  Pretty interesting to see when the Google satellites snap a new picture of your house, neighborhood or other place of interest.  Not available for Street Views though (unless there’s another random project I haven’t stumbled upon yet).

Login in and Check it out but depending on where you live, you might not get a notification for months or years.  Google’s Follow Your World is not a good site those craving instant gratification.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sam Jacobs presents at Citrix Synergy LA

If you are attending Citrix’s Synergy this month in Los Angeles, be sure to attend the sure to be great Web Interface/Storefront session by Sam Jacobs of IPM.  Sam has presented numerous times before at super technical BriForum and his presentations are always chock full of live demos and actual take away code to use on your own implementations.

Be sure to sign up and register.  Seats fill fast!
Web Interface/StoreFront session


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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

VMware Build number Decoder Table

Decoder RingRan across an EXCELLENT KB article in VMware's Knowledge Base this week. 

Correlating vCenter Server and ESXi/ESX host build numbers to update levels (1014508)

If you have been working with VMware for a while, you will be familiar with the way various patches and hotfixes increment the build numbers within the products. 
This document helps you correlate the various build versions back to the patches, updates and hotfixes installed.  This is super useful since many of the KB articles and documentation refer to update levels and not build numbers for compatibility and prerequisites.
This Knowledge base doc covers all of VMware’s products.  Although this document has been around since late 2011, I just ran across it recently.  Definitely worth bookmarking.
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