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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Off Topic : Weekend Project : Wine Bottle Tiki torches.

imageRan across this very cool backyard DIY Project on the interwebs.  The write up is very detailed and really is a very simple project.  I’ve had it on my to-do list for a while and the biggest hurdle to getting it done was getting all the parts.  I remember wishing that they would have included a linkable online parts list so that I could just click away and have everything delivered to my house.
So after tracking down all the parts, I figured I ‘d post it up for someone else.

First, here is the link to the project :
and second, here is the parts list and links to buy everything online. (The INITIAL shipping was a little high so it made sense to me to buy more in bulk to justify the shipping costs.  I bought enough parts for 8 of them and paid 10 bucks for next day shipping)

Description: 3/8" GALV MALLEABLE HANGER FLANGE02162832
Description: 1/2 C X 3/8 C COUPLING REDUCER COPPER COUPLER  - 36889889
Description: 1/2" TUBE CAP09347246
Description: 3/8 X 16 3 FT USA ZINC PL.THREADED ROD [Cut to size with a HackSaw]06050140
Description: 3/8 Hex Nut – 67482927
Description: Replacement Wicks - [I actually bought these from my local brick & mortar store but you can get them online.] Buy.com
The original posts says the project is about 5 bucks and my 8 sets cost about 50 bucks total with next day home delivery so it was not too far off.  Hope this helps someone out there cross this project off their list. Smile

P.S. The same part list can also be used for indoor vases : DIY PROJECT: LINDSAY'S WINE BOTTLE VASES

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