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Monday, October 18, 2010

Join.Me for Free Screen Sharing and Collaboration

imageSure you can use WebEx or GotoMeeting but you want something FREE!  Try out Join.Me by LogMeIn.  I was already a big fan of LogMeIn products for quick free remote access to family and friend’s PCs.  Check out my post on LogMeIn Central.  So when I heard about Join.Me from Moshe Silber, I was all over it.  No registrations, no logins, or complicated setups. 
Just hit the page and choose either Share or Join.

Clicking Share prompts you for a quick download of an executable (No install, just RUN) and your meeting is setup.  Just relay the 9 digit number to additional people and they can join your meeting.  The whole process is LIGHTNING fast.  A free conference number is also provided.  Nice touch.

I think this is a great little product with an unbeatable price.  Nice job LogMeIn! Smile

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