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Friday, February 26, 2010

XenDesktop Full Screen Flash playback can hang the Client Machine.


Interested in hanging your XenDesktop Session out to dry?  ;) Chris Hahn recommends running Full Screen Flash playback with an older Citrix Client.

Of course if you want to avoid frozen sessions while your XenDesktop users are surfing YouTube, make sure you are running the Citrix 11.2.2 client and have the following registry setting set.

Name: EnableMessageDeadlockSafetyNet
Data: 1

More information can be found @ http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX123463


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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Join the New EMC community! Win a NAS!

imageChad Sakac, EMC RockStar extraordinaire, is helping to launch a new VMware focused portal site at EMC.com and is hoping everyone out there will stop by and check it out.  The “Everything VMware at EMC” site is www.emc.com/vmwarecommunity.  This community is open to everyone and will give you access to the EMC vSpecialists, forums, discussion groups, events and other relevant Virtualization information EMC is hard at work creating. 

Every big grand opening needs prizes and door giveaways and this one is no different.  Chad has about 60 or so Iomega IX2s and IX4s that he will be giving out to anyone that submits a VMware/EMC or VMware/Cisco/EMC success story.  No raffles, no random number generator; just submit a story before he runs out and you’ll get one.  Not a bad deal if you ask me.  I have an IX4 in my home lab and it rocks. (Thank you Chad for that one!)

Of course you can also check out Chad’s Blog @ Virtual Geek or follow his Tweets @ Twitter.com/sakacc.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Checking VMware Data Recovery (vDR) build versions to verify latest code.

While working on some VMware Data Recovery appliances today, I had to check the build versions to see if they were running the latest bits of code.  After checking VMware’s site for the latest version (Build 207380), you can check the appliance versions in your environment at the following locations.


Each vDR appliance runs a Web server where you can log in as root / vmw@re to view the Build Version.  http://<VDR IP>:5480


The Console of the vDR appliance also contains the Build Version.


The summary page in vCenter for the appliance.


An interesting place that it is NOT is in the VMware Data Recovery plug in itself.


For a new and developing product like VMware Data Recovery, I always try to make sure I am running the latest code to take advantage of the latest bug fixes and enhancements.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Google phasing out IE6 support starting 3/1/10

Looks like March could be a busy month for Corporate Help Desks! There is the EdgeSight bug and now a potential Google issue for users still stuck on Internet Explorer 6.  The post below goes on to say that first Google Docs and Sites will suffer from loss of features as Google begins to phase out support for Internet Explorer 6. 


Although most people have moved on, I can definitely think of some pretty large clients who have resisted the urge to upgrade.

While writing this post, I also got an email from Salesforce.com detailing their plans to remove support for IE6.  They list the following reasons below which I thought were entertaining. 

imageThere are several reasons we {Salesforce.com} are ending support for IE6:

•  IE6 is less secure.  Multiple security vulnerabilities in IE6 have been exploited over the years.  The most recent attacks against Google, Yahoo, and other companies specifically targeted vulnerabilities easily accessible in IE6 but much more difficult to exploit in IE7 and IE8—leading the Microsoft Security Response Center to recommend that users of IE6 upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer.

IE6 is slow.  Of all of our supported browsers, IE6 provides the slowest and least rewarding user experience for our customers.

•  IE6 is a “last generation” browser.  IE6 was first released in August 2001.  As an obsolete, non-standard platform, IE6 is a difficult browser on which to develop and support the rich internet applications our customers have come to expect.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Clean up your Event Logs! ESENT Event ID 489

DataStore.EDBContinuing his efforts to keep Microsoft Event Logs everywhere pristine, Aaron Silber helps us knock out another error message in his EventLog Clean Series :
An attempt to open the file “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore.edb” for read only access failed with system error 3: "The system cannot find the path specified. ". The open file operation will fail with error -1023

I have noticed this one pop-up every so often, but pretty much ignored it as I always disable the automatic windows updates, but I decided to look into it and actually the fix is quite easy. Basically from what I can tell this is a database that is created dynamically by the Automatic Updates service; it seems that from time to time this file can get corrupted; the answer is to simply delete it and restart the service, personally I like to delete everything under the DataStore folder to give it a clean start. The system will automatically recreate the file and voila, no more message!
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Only have Basic Support? But I bought GOLD? - VMware Support name change

  VMware has rolled out new names for their support tiers.  Gold Support now becomes Basic support and Platinum Support now becomes Production Support.

· Basic Support is for test, development and non-production environments, where basic response time targets and Business Day support is acceptable.
· Production Support is for production environments, where faster response time targets are needed, and 24 x 7 assistance for Severity 1 issues is required.

VMware Support ImageI think prior to the name change, you could go the more inexpensive route and buy Gold support and think ‘Hey, it’s GOLD support – That’s not so bad’, but now say to yourself that you are buying BASIC support rather than Production support and you’ll begin to feel that uneasiness as you hang your head in shame. :) Rebranding the support options makes sense to me.  The existing basic support is 9 – 6 with a 4 hour call back so you can often have an issue today and not receive a call back until tomorrow. 

Production Support on the other hand is 24x7 and live transfers depending on the severity of the issue.  Way more comforting when something goes wrong and you want it fixed before the start of the next business day.
To find out about all of the support options that VMware has to offer.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

vSphere Enterprise. Want Plus with that?

So there were a bunch of unconfirmed plans last year (2009!) that VMware might be getting rid of the Enterprise edition of vSphere in favor of the more expensive feature rich Enterprise Plus.  I think there was a lot of push back from customers and VMware issued a stay of execution for Enterprise licensing.  Sort of.  Looks like the current stance is that EXISTING customers with up to date subscriptions for VMware 3.5 Enterprise licenses can renew/upgrade to VI4 Enterprise licenses but NEW customers or NEW licenses only have the Enterprise Plus option.  Enterprise without plus is not an option for new licenses.  If you are confused, then this chart probably won’t help much. :)



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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Participate in a Citrix XenApp survey and win!

image Although competition is never good for any random drawing, Aaron Silber sent over this open invite to help shape future Citrix XenApp curriculum.

Citrix Education would like to invite XenApp users and subject matter experts to participate in an online survey that will be used to scope future XenApp curriculum. The results of the survey will be used to determine what product areas and tasks customers feel are most important, and should therefore be supported with instructional material. Customers that have participated in the Citrix XenApp for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 technical preview are especially encouraged to participate.

All survey participants will be automatically entered to win a $500 (USD) gift card*! Use it to buy an iPad, a weekend getaway flight for two, or however you’d like!

Launch the survey now and submit it by Friday, 2/5 to enter to win!


Thanks Aaron!

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