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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Creating a local disk VMFS manually:

If the VMFS creation on the local disk fails through the GUI, we can create it via command line as a workaround.

Putty into your server : putty Carlo-ESXclip_image002[1]

Type : fdisk /dev/sda


Type n for new partition :

Select [Enter] for cylinder questions until you receive a success message.

Type t for partition type :

Enter in the last number for the partition.

Enter in fb for the partition type.

Type w to write the new configuration.

Type reboot to restart the ESX Host.

Once the server has restarted, putty back in.


vmkfstools -C vmfs3 /vmfs/devices/disks/vmhba0:0:0:#"

Where # is will be the number you used for the partition. (typically the last number)

You may now go to the GUI to rename you VMFS.

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